Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Wanted a Picture of It...

But I'll just have to describe it. I'm sure it'll come across.

I'm cooking a top round as part of tonight's meal. I only needed a bit of beef broth, but had an entire quart of broth that I had made for tomorrow's meal. It was in the fridge, so the fat had floated to the top and I had a nice, thick fat cap. I've cracked fat caps and tried to pour out some liquid before and it's been a miserable failure. Today I decided to cut in a triangle shape on each side, just a little one, like a church key in a can of juice, and hold in the fat cap while pouring out the broth.


Then I had to go wipe a three-year-old butt, and while I was washing my hands he went out and explored the fat cap--before I could get a picture of it! Guess I'll just have to update this post with a picture the next time I do it, because I will do it again.  I'll even do it with my homemade coconut milk.  Mmmm...  

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