Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snowperson Activity

Yesterday I grew a brain and decided to photocopy one of the activities I made for the kids so I can let them do it again without going through the work of drawing it again!!

So here it is.

I made three copies, we all made snow people together.  We used watered-down tempera paint and a sponge for the snow.  Rainbow cut the circles out herself.

Four holes for pipe cleaner arms and scarf.

Cloud wanted pink snow...of course.  :)

Googly eyes, buttons in the middle, and a drawn on mouth.  

This was so much fun.  I cut Cloud's circles and accessories, but he did the rest by himself.  Rainbow loves how they're blowing in the wind.  She asked me to make a snowman for Dragon.  So they can meet.  And be friends.  My pleasure, love.

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