Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Idea Number 13,683

I don't like drying some things in the dish drainer, lying flat on a towel , or propped up against the the dish drainer and the towel.

I had a spare vase (really a vase, since all my vases could be considered spare) and some whole coffee beans I liked the smell of but not the taste of. They just weren't oily enough, but they had a soft, pleasant coffee smell.

One day while being frustrated about not having a good way to dry the kids' paintbrushes and while doing major cleaning, I decided to throw away the beans I just wasn't ever going to make coffee with, and BAM! I was struck with Good Idea Number 13,683...or so. I could put the beans in the vase and stick stuff in there to dry!

It works great, when I shove the wet paintbrushes and straws (like the hard kind that come with re-usable smoothie cups) in there, I get a quick whiff of coffee. The items dry very nicely. It's pretty enough for my...decor. It's simple. It doesn't take up much space. I love it. Happy to share it with you.

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