Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Honey on the...Burn?

Yup. On the burn. A few years ago a friend of ours told us about putting honey on really bad burns, even sunburns. My mom tried it when she burnt her hand on my stove. She calls honey the bane of her existence, and it was hard to convince her to try. We wrapped her hand overnight and the next day she couldn't feel anything.

So... a couple days ago I was making naan in my cast iron pan in the broiler. I was using coconut oil, and I misjudged and kind of tossed the rolled dough into the pan. The coconut oil splashed all over the inside of my arm (got on my clothes, too, but the arm was the only exposed skin.) I ran my arm under cold water, realizing I wouldn't be using coconut oil as first aid in this situation. :) Then I went to my cupboard, pulled out the honey, applied to the inside of my forearm, and left it for the duration of the evening. Because it was a grease burn, it was, well...greasy. So the honey kept sliding off, and I'd slide it back on. I admit it, I took a few...tastes. Tasted just like honey. Mmm...

When it came time to go to bed, I put a bit more on, wrapped it so that honey wouldn't get all over my bed and kids (and so I wouldn't wake up to my daughter licking my arm) and when I got up in the morning I took off the bandage and VOILA! Couldn't even feel it. Now, two days later, I still can't even tell I have a burn. Except for looking at it, of course.

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